2017 Luau Summer Spectaular

Jul 21, 2017

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Luau Summer Celebration. We could all imagine ourselves on a sandy beach with a frosty drink and we hope that we took you there with us. If we could teach the geese to sound like gulls we would be all set. We set off on this 6 week adventure on June 15 with free breakfast and tropical music playing throughout the auction. During the promotion we offered to pick up any vehicle in Fort Wayne or New Haven to bring to the auction, and also a flat $100 sell fee for any "E6" unit during the celebration. Every unit that was bought or sold received a ticket that the dealers then entered to win weekly prizes and also for their chance to win ABSOLUTE CASH on July 20th. For the fist 5 weeks the weekly prizes included a Tommy Bahama cooler and chair set, a Margaritaville blender, a party tub, a drink dispenser, and a 10 foot inflatable swim raft.

For the last day on July 20th, the dealers were greeted by a steel drum player in the lobby playing some familiar tunes and once again breakfast was provided. We ran over 600 units serving over 300 of our dealers. And even though the skies was overcast, it still felt sunny in the lanes. At the end of the sale, we had our last drawing to give away the paddle board, a yeti cooler, an inflatable party raft and the tiki bar. To give away the $10,000 cash we decided to have a little bit of fun with our dealers rather than just handing out money. We picked 5 people from all of the tickets from all 6 weeks tickets. All of those people automatically won $1,000 with a chance at at bonus $5,000. For the bonus cash we came up with 3 Luau themed contests where they accumulated points. The first contest was the pin the tail on he humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish, which is the national fish of Hawaii. This contest was alot closer than we had expected. The person closest to the correct position won 5 points, next closest 4 points and so on

Next we moved on to the "Hawaiian Hurricane" where we had pieces of paper with pictures of villagers on them. The person who "saved" the most villagers won the majority of the points and so on

And the last contest that we did was the "Tiki Toss" where we lined up 5 tiki status that had a value of 1 to 5 points. The dealers could choose to go for the close and easy points or try and get the higher points a little farther away.

Ultimately the winner of the bonus cash was Scott Minich with LKQ with the most points won from all contests. Thank you to our dealers for being good sports with these contest and having a little bit of fun


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