Hog Roast 2017

Sep 19, 2017

It was a Pig PIckin' good time at Indiana Auto Auction's 9th annual Hog Roast and Car Sale as the dealers were treated to a pulled pork and egg breakfast in the lanes before the sale. Every year the dealers look forward to this event due to the fantastic breakfast that is served as well as the now collectible t-shirts that are given away every year. Every year the pig changes in the design as well as the "tag phrase". For the four weeks of this promotion we had given away a gas/charcoal grill to one lucky dealer that had bought or sold a vehicle. On the last day of the Hog Roast we also had two Green Eggs to give away, but we couldn't just "give" them away, so we decided to have a little bit of fun. We had two races that featured 4 dealers per race. At those races we gave the dealers a wooden spoon with a raw egg on it. The first dealer to walk down the lane, turn around, and then return to the finish line, won a Green Egg. As always, the dealers were good sports and had some fun cheering (and jeering) one another.


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