The Indiana Auto Auction Experience

Indiana Auto Auction Facilities

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Established in 1965, Indiana Auto Auction has become a driving force in the remarketing industry. IAA has continually grown and added new services to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Situated in Fort Wayne, IAA is centrally located to some of the country’s largest automotive and truck markets including Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis.


Indiana Auto Auction’s facilities sits on more than 80 acres and is located next to the main Interstate Highways that connect these cities, making Fort Wayne an excellent transportation hub. Fort Wayne’s 300,000 plus population also helps to increase the buying strength at our auto auction.

We have a variety of services available to our customers as well. From reconditioning to titles, Indiana Auto Auction has our clients covered.

All of our services are located in-house, making it unnecessary to take units off the property. Once vehicles arrive at our facility, they can remain here until cleared for sale.

We are pleased to bring necessary and helpful services to our clients quickly, conveniently, and at competitive prices.

Indiana Auto Auction's facilities reflect the level of excellence we strive for in all areas of the auction.