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Eric Autenrieth Portrait

Eric Autenrieth


Eric Autenrieth is the Owner of Indiana Auto Auction and the General Manager of Carolina Auto Auction. He is also the former President of the ServNet Auction group. In addition to growing up in the industry, the auction industry has his been his professional career for the last twenty two years. Eric's leadership in marketing and operational excellence has helped the Stanley Auction Group capture numerous Auction of the Year awards from multiple commercial accounts. Eric is a 2004 graduate of Auction Academy and is CAR certified. He has served as President of the NAAA Midwest Zone, and currently serves as Director on the NAAA Southern Zone. Eric is a proud husband, father, and son of Hall of Fame members Henry and Patty Stanley.


Andrew J. Schaefer

General Manager

Andrew J. Schaefer is the General Manager and the Chief Financial Officer of the Indiana Auto Auction. Andrew has been employed in the auto industry for over 21 years. He has been an associate of the Indiana Auction team since 1997 and has always provided customers with a consistent and reliable presence at the office. Andrew enjoys interacting with car dealers, customers, and IAA employees each week. He has been married for 20 years and has three children. Andrew is a dedicated Chicago Bears fan and loves playing sports with his children. He and his family live in Roanoke, IN. Andrew and his family have enjoyed providing a home for a foster child in Allen county as well as be involved in their community.


Michael Ray

National Accounts / GSA Account Manager

Michael has a total of 25 years in the automotive industry with 11 of those being in the auto auction industry. He joined the Indiana Auto Auction team in 2014 as the operations manager. In 2018 he was moved to fleet/lease operations and started overseeing the monthly GSA auctions, with a recent move in 2019 to National Accounts Manager. Michael is a 2019 graduate of the Auction Academy and he is CAR certified. He enjoys the fast pace of the auction industry and the daily challenges it presents. Michael and his family live in Waterloo, Indiana where he and his wife enjoy watching their children grow. Michael has a passion for automobiles whether that is repairing them, building them, or racing them.


Ana Maria Tapia

Office Manager

Ana Maria Tapia is the office manager for Indiana Auto Auction. Ana has worked at IAA for 13 years. She loves overseeing the front office which consists of dealer registration, accounting, institution titles, dealer titles and block clerks. Ana loves the rush and excitement of auction day and still gets goose bumps every time she walks through the auction block. Ana really enjoys talking to all the car dealers and getting to know about their families and life achievements and celebrating with them. Ana’s parents were immigrants from Mexico, and she was born in the great State of Texas. Her and her husband have four children and three grandchildren. Her favorite pastime is watching the Dallas Cowboys and playing fantasy football with family and friends.


Robin Dailey-Nickols

Dealer Sales Manager

Robin Dailey-Nickols is the Dealer Sales Manager for Indiana Auto Auction. Robin has proudly served the automotive industry for over 22 years. She had been an associate of the Indiana Auction Team since the merger with Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction in 2019 where she was employed for 17 years! She has always offered great customer service by providing timely, attentive, and upbeat service to her dealers, all while ensuring their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company. Her motto is “Give the customers a good reason to come back.” Robin has been married for 9 years and have one child at home in Hamilton, IN where they reside. Robin loves the outdoors and traveling as she spends a lot of time with her family in Canada and socializing with friends.

John Wiesemann

Heavy-Duty Truck Division manager

John L. Wiesemann is the Heavy-Duty Truck Division manager for Indiana Auto Auction. John has been an auctioneer for 38 years and for the past 35 years he has specialized in heavy duty trucks and equipment. John joined IAA in 2019 during the acquisition of Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction. John’s number one priority is customer service and staying abreast of the market nationwide. He has two sons and seven grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them. John enjoys his old farm tractors and equipment. He says there is nothing more relaxing than getting on an old tractor and working. He also jumps at the chance to do charity auctions. John has lived in the Fort Wayne area for the past 30 years.

Christine Johnson

Manager of Business Operations / Human Resources

Christine joined IAA in November of 2021 as our Manager of Business Operations. She loves the fun and excitement of sale day and working with people. She likes spending time with her 2 rescue dogs (pit bull and lab).

Kaylea Klein

Operations Manager

K.K is the operations manager of Indiana Auto Auction. K.K has been employed in the auto industry for 11 years with almost 4 of those years in the auto auction industry. She enjoys the everyday challenges it presents and the feeling after the sale is successful. In her free time, she enjoys anything outside and just hanging with the family.

Kraegen Krago headshot

Kraegen Crago

Fleet Lease Operations Manager

Kraegen Crago is the Fleet Lease Operations Manager at Indiana Auto Auction. He joined IAA in May 2022 as a sales representative for our southern territory. In October 2022, he transitioned to his current role. Prior to starting at IAA, he spent eight years working in banking in the Fort Wayne area. He has a passion for developing and leading people. Kraegen is a dedicated husband to his wife Amber of 14 years and father to his three young children. He is an avid college football fan.

Bella Martinez headshot

Bella Martinez

Recon Supervisor

Bella Martinez is the Recon Supervisor at Indiana Auto Auction. She has worked with IAA for six years in the reconditioning department, growing her knowledge and working her way up to her current manager role. Everything she learned about the industry, she’s learned here. Bella loves the process of making dirty things beautiful and clean. When she’s not at work, she and her partner raise their five children together.

Kevin Carbaugh headshot

Kevin Carbaugh

Mechanics Manager

Kevin Carbaugh is the Mechanics Manager at Indiana Auto Auction, including arbitrations. He has been with IAA for 19 years, with over 25 years of automotive mechanic experience and nine years in arbitration. His tenure in the industry helps Kevin bring expertise and good judgment to the role. He has an active family life with his five children, and he is often cheering them on at basketball, softball, and volleyball games. In rare moments of free time, he can be found catching a quick nap on the couch with his dog.