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Auction Edge

Auction EDGE is the prime way to participate in a traditional auction via the internet. No more travel! No more static pictures! No more delayed bids!

The EDGE Simulcast platform is a system that allows you to attend a live auction event and compete for items against the live bidding audience on the traditional auction floor without ever having to leave your office, home, or hotel room. You experience the live auction emotion and enthusiasm via your personal computer and internet connection.

How does it work? Simple — Once you arrive at the online auction, you receive real-time color video and audio from the auction floor and can submit instantaneous bids to the auctioneer while competing — without disadvantage — against bidders on the auction floor and other online bidders.

Edge Simulcast Features

  • A user-friendly system
  • A state-of-the-art, fault tolerant, private network
  • Instant “floor” bid notification to remote bidders
  • Instant receipt by the auctioneer of “remote” bids
  • An online sale item catalog that you can use to thoroughly inspect each vehicle before making your purchase decision
  • Real-time live color video and audio direct from the auction floor to the remote bidders
  • Every unit consigned and set for sale are available for live online bidding.

All Online Sales can be accessed by registered dealers by logging into “EDGE Simulcast” located in the upper right corner of this page.

To Log Into EDGE Simulcast

  1. To bid on EDGE Pipeline, create an account or call dealer registration at (260) 489-2776, ext. 225.
  2. On auction day, login with the account you created. Attend the auction live by clicking the EDGE Pipeline logo in the top left corner of the webpage.
  3. On the live auction page under Wednesday, scroll down to “Indiana AA”. Press the attend simulcast button and chose what lane(s) you would like to bid!

For more information on Auction EDGE products, please contact Kaelia Crawford at extension 225 or at