Inspection & Warranties

vehicle inspections and warranties

Mechanical Inspection Services

Indiana Auto Auction offers Mechanical Inspection services on the day of sale. This inspection is done for a nominal fee and aligns with all auction lighting systems and arbitration rules.

If an issue arises the vehicle will be entered into arbitration for further evaluation by our trained Arbitration Specialists. By taking the burden of test-driving vehicles off of the dealer, he is allowed to stay in the sales lane and do what he does best — buying vehicles!

Indiana Accredited Vehicles

When purchasing, pay attention to our Indiana Accredited vehicles. Each vehicle that goes through our accreditation process is given a full condition report (minus frame) and the announcements on the car in the lane provide a full disclosure before you purchase so you can buy these vehicles with confidence!

Non-Transferable Warranty

We also offer a non-transferable warranty that covers the drive train (engine, transmission, differential, four-wheel drive, and clutch on a manual transmission). It is valid for a period of 7 days (sale day to sale day) or 150 miles — whichever occurs first.

To qualify, the vehicle must be 5 years old or newer with less than 100,000 miles. If a warrantable issue arises, Indiana Auto Auction reserves the right to repair the vehicle or repurchase the vehicle.