Dealer Consignment

Dealer Consignment

Dealer Consignment Sale

Indiana Auto Auction offers the largest dealer consignment in Indiana and one of the largest in the Northern United States.
We consistently offer over 800 dealer consigned, fleet, lease and repo units vehicles in six lanes every week. With a registered dealer base of over 8,000 dealers, Indiana issues more than 500 bidder badges every Thursday.
It is the goal of Indiana Auto Auction to provide excellent customer service throughout the buying and selling process and we hope you will join us each Thursday to experience customer service at its best.
With Indiana Auto Auction you can expect:

  • Easy registration with Auction Access
  • Complete transportation services
  • Complete reconditioning services
  • Light vehicle repair on premises
  • Title search services
  • Full-time Marketing Department
  • Dealer Financing Available
  • 8 action-packed lanes
  • 87 contiguous acres; 62 acres paved and enclosed
  • All Lanes available online for live real-time bidding.

Happy Hour Lanes start at 9:00 AM, and Dealer Consignment Lanes start at 10:00 AM.
Units also available for online bidding.


Indiana Salvage/In-Op Auction

is rapidly growing to encompass one of the more overlooked areas of the automobile remarketing industry – the expanding market for wrecked and disabled vehicles.

Salvage sales represent millions of recoverable dollars annually and include units from insurance companies, rental companies, fleet companies, lease companies, and other sources.

Indiana Auto Auction offers salvage and disabled vehicles every week with the same expertise and marketing representation as our fleet lease units.

Our large dealer base (over 8,000 registered dealers), as well as salvage vendors, ensures competitive bidding, bringing top dollar for salvage, disabled, and inoperative units sold at Indiana Auto Auction.

Salvage/INOP Sale starts at 9:00 AM every week. Join us in Lane 3 and online.