Heavy Duty Truck

Every Other Wednesday at 10am

Our Heavy Duty Truck Auction

Indiana Auto Auction, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers a variety of heavy duty trucks for sale every other Wednesday at 10:00.

The Fort Wayne truck auction is a great place to bid on different types of medium duty and heavy duty trucks.

This truck auction features a number of different truck types for sale including semi trucks, dump trucks, commercial trucks, diesel trucks, and Heavy Duty Equipment for sale.

Heavy Truck Rules

These trucks can be searched for in the Indiana Truck Auction Run List.

Heavy Truck Run List

Bid Online

If you have a dealer license and registered with our auction, you can access the Heavy Duty Truck Sale by signing into auction pipeline above, or clicking the link below:


If you do not have a dealers license and wish to bid on Heavy Duty Trucks, you can click the link below and register to bid


About Our Heavy Truck Auction

With two lanes offering over 100 heavy-duty vehicles, Indiana Auto Auction has something for everyone. Our truck division is staffed with professionals with over 70 years of experience in the truck auction business.

We are confident our Heavy Duty Truck Department can remarket your equipment and bring you the highest return on your investment.

Contact us today by calling (260) 489-2776 to learn more!